Since its establishment, the company VASPO STONE, s.r.o. has used its own unique technology, its own development as well as its own design of the final appearance of tiles. Thanks to this technology, it is a clear leader in its field, as evidenced by a lot of awards and a number of satisfied customers.

“Excellent quality also requires higher costs” 
The components that are added to our products provide improved properties that affect quality, functionality and durability. The raw materials used to make the tiles consist of natural materials extracted from the Earth crust. To maintain the highest quality, we take raw materials only from proven, permanent reputable suppliers. So we use components of the highest level of quality. As a result, the VASPO products have an unlimited service life.

“Exceptional quality is guaranteed by decent manual work”
The machine does not give naturalness to the product, but a skilled person does! We differ not only in the unmistakable quality and appearance of the products, the unique production technology, but also the decent “handmade” production. Several steps need to be taken to obtain the final product. These steps include dosing, mixing, moulding, demoulding, storing, drying, packaging and handling. All these steps are performed by honourable human hands.
We prefer it because of precision and high quality. It is also a great system to support employment. The components and the order of their dosing are determined in the procedures that are strictly followed. The moulds are manually moulded after maturing. The worker thus inspects each product. At the packing department, the worker performs another visual inspection of the tiles when storing them manually into boxes.

Final product

The final product must meet certain specifications regarding the physical and chemical properties. All VASPO products have been certified in accordance with the procedure of the Technical and Testing Institute of Civil Engineering (Technický a skúšobný ústav stavebný), as an accredited certification authority for product certification. The product certificate proves that the properties listed below correspond to the Slovak criteria by the technical assessment SK TP - 14/0042.
The measured properties include the following.
  • reaction to fire class A1
  • mass activity 226Ra
  • mass activity index
  • compressive strength of concrete
  • frost resistance of concrete
  • absorptive capacity of the product
  • frost resistance of the product
  • grinding hardness
  • dimensions and dimensional deviations
  • visual defects and damages

Our responsible business activity and contribution to the economy and employment rate of the Slovak Republic was also awarded by the Ministry of Economy and also by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. The honorary certificate was personally delivered to the company's management by the Minister of Economy Juraj Miškov and the Deputy Prime Minister Jozef Mihál.
Our company places great emphasis on responsibility. In 2015 and 2017, we were awarded the seal as a SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANY. We are thus among the 3.2% of companies meeting the economic aspects of socially responsible businesses.
Responsible business means that when making a profit, we respect the needs of all partners with whom we come into contact in performing our business activity. These partners are (not only) employees, customers, competitors, suppliers, the local community and the environment, but also the state.
The main motivation of the company VASPO STONE, s.r.o. is to bring customers an affordable and technically more perfect replacement of natural stone, which, thanks to its appearance, reminds of the age-old connection of the human with nature. The company is certified by the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.
What is the ISO quality management system?
At the company VASPO STONE, s.r.o., the quality management system is systematically applied as an important management tool of the organization. The application of the system ensures that all services and products provided by the company are in accordance with the customer requirements, the relevant ISO 9001 standard, the applicable legislation, or other specific requirements.
The application of the QMS system in the company's activities and its further development provides each customer with a guarantee that they obtain the final product of the required quality.
The main goal of the company VASPO STONE, s.r.o. is to apply and continuously improve the quality management system which provides the proof of customer orientation in an effort to gain trust of the customers and to convince them of the ability to provide prompt quality of our products expected by the customers.
The quality policy represents a fundamental orientation and outlook to the future and is focused on the following:
  • Customer satisfaction, which is the main factor of stability and development of the company.
  • Continuous product innovation which ensures the expansion of the customer portfolio.
  • Improving the effectiveness of the quality management system which is a permanent part of the company management.
  • Satisfaction and qualification of employees who are the basis of personnel stability of the organization.
  • Progress in quality which takes precedence over the correction of shortcomings.
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